4 Tips For Better Online Meetings With Your Insurance Leads


As 2020 continues to progress on, online meetings now have higher standards and are expected to move just as smoothly as in-person meetings once did. Technical issues should be resolved and you should feel confidence speaking to your computer rather than to an actual person. However, some productivity challenges still exist that can make it difficult to have an exceptional online meeting with your insurance leads. Take some of our top tips for how to have better online meetings that help - not hinder - your relationship building.  

Create A Clear Agenda 

An agenda is crucial for a successful, productive online meeting. Otherwise, the conversation can get away from you. This can cause you to run out of time and not even have the opportunity to pitch to your insurance leads. Your agenda doesn’t need to cover the minute by minute play, but you should be aware of what you want to cover and about what point in your allotted time you want to reach that topic. It even helps to give your insurance lead a quick overview of the agenda as soon as you pass the pleasantries and opening of the conversation.  

Reduce Distractions 

Pets, family, flickering lights, excessive noise, and movement can all be incredibly distracting. Rather than being able to focus on what you have to save, your insurance lead is now paying attention to everything else happening around you. Create a quiet space with minimal distractions (including wall art) that allow your lead to focus on the conversation.  

Make Eye Contact 

While it can be difficult to make eye contact during an online meeting, make every effort to try. By looking into your webcam rather than the screen, you give the appearance you are looking your insurance lead in the eye. It helps portray confidence and makes them feel like you are providing your undivided attention. 

End On Actional Items 

The key to a productive online meeting is ending in action. Of course you want to keep it friendly and light in order to aid in your relationship building, but you don’t want the conversation to stray too far from what you just discussed. Let them know when you will follow up and how excited you are to speak with them again.  

Better Meetings Lead To Stronger Relationships 

The first step to better online meetings with your insurance leads it taking the time to making the effort to feel as “normal” as possible. Keep making eye contact and generating interest in the conversation. Look professional and ask those in the space around you to be respectful of your work environment. It will help you establish yourself as a confidence sales agent and generate more interest from your insurance lead. The more often you have these online meetings, the better and more confidence you will feel leading them.  

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