7 Proven Methods to Generate Insurance Leads

Many industries depend on a regular lead pipeline to find customers and the life insurance industry is no different. With the Internet creating a ready connection between people looking for services and businesses looking for customers, it is easier than ever to use digital tools and strategies to generate leads. Here are 7 proven digital strategies for generating insurance leads. 

1) Beef Up Your Website 

The Internet age means that your website is your portal for everything. A mediocre site with poor quality content will turn away visitors, driving them to a better-looking or more-practical site. Improve your site's appearance, capabilities, and communication functions so that it will be able to turn more visitors into prospects. 

2) Get Reviewed 

People trust Internet reviews more than any other word-of-mouth advertising short of a personal recommendation. A sales agent with no reviews, as such, looks like a major risk when a person is facing a key decision. Your digital reputation should be strong, meaning that you have many strong reviews detailing your services, support, and professionalism. 

3) Create Good Content 

Why should a person visit your page? Do you offer advice or explanations about annuities through your site? Every person who searches online for answers looks for range of answers to their questions. Agent pages that give good details by posting thorough, detailed, engaging content will gain more visitors who are drawn to their insights. 

4) Market Your Page 

Web marketing is no different from traditional marketing: you identify your customers, identify your goals, and identify your strategy. Plan who you need to appeal to and find out the best ways to communicate with this group. An insurance agent should promote him/herself like a brand: demonstrating positive attributes, linking to affiliates and partners, and getting guests to funnel traffic towards their page. 

5) Create Videos 

The Internet is a multimedia world. Gone are the days when web pages could throw up bricks of text onto a screen and expect visitors to read it all. Today's webpage visitors want information presented in the way they most prefer it, whether that means visual, auditory, or blended. Creating videos is a great way to develop engaging content on your webpage that appeals to many people. It can be a more satisfying experience than reading text, boosting your site engagement. 

6) Use Referrals 

Web referral platforms are growing in popularity, and for good reason. These platforms can be strong lead generators, especially if they are designed to filter out low quality leads. Structure your referral platform so that it best achieves your goals for generating leads. 

7) Provide Customer Support 

The digital age allows us to connect with people across the globe, but usually this connection begins or ends with a person talking to a robot. Nobody wants to feel ignored or neglected, which is why timely and in-person customer support pulls its weight many times over. Potential customers want to feel valued and want to know that you are listening to their concerns.