Build Better Relationships By Starting More Conversations With Leads


If you are one of the millions of insurance agents actively selling during the COVID-19 pandemic, you know how hard it can be to stand among the crowd. You will be facing individuals who have been selling less, more, or the same amount of time as you. Additionally, you may even find that you know some of these individuals well enough to call the acquaintances, friends, or even family. While the competition for selling your insurance may be high, there is hope that you can meet and even exceed your insurance sales goal each month. It all starts with building better relationships with prospects and leads. How do you start, you may be wondering? It all starts with a simple conversation and following the golden rules written below. 

Never Start With The Sale 

You should always sell to your leads and prospects the way you want to be sold. No one wishes to be sold to by jumping straight into the sale, so don’t do it to a brand new prospect of even a warm lead. You need to create a conversation that cannot simply end with a, “Thanks, but I’m not interested.” 

Start by asking them about their day and getting to know their life a little more. Even if you can’t get them to commit to a sale later in the conversation, you are setting yourself up for success. Rather than ending on a negative note, you have a back up plan in your back pocket to wrap up the conversation on a positive, memorable topic that relates to their life.  

Listen To Understand, Not Respond 

The worst thing you can do in your relationship building with leads is trying to just respond with sentences that relate to the insurance you are selling. All you will do is turn them off and have them tune out.  

When you are building relationships, you need to listen to understand the conversation at hand. Maybe they aren’t interested in your insurance, but you can understand more about their life and when it may be more appropriate to follow up with your lead. By listening to understand rather than just respond, you can build a deep rooted connection with your leads that make them want to answer the phone when you call.  

It’s Only Relationship Building, Not Rocket Science 

Relationship building with your leads truly is as simple as focusing the conversation on them and their life rather than your sale. You have plenty of opportunities to pitch them as your relationship deepens. You should be speaking with your leads often and always starting the conversation with something that is pertinent to their life. It will make the call more pleasurable and help position you as a better salesperson than the other insurance agents trying to jump straight into the sale. 

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