How To Pitch & Close Sales As The COVID-19 Pandemic Continues

The COVID-19 pandemic continues to show us the importance of adjusting our current strategy to meet the new market. These unprecedented times have created shock, fear, and uncertainty. While it may feel like this is the time to stop and wait to see how the market plays out, that is not the case. This is the time to adjust your strategy and prepare to come back strong as the post COVID-19 era approaches.

Focus On Relationship Building

Individuals and businesses are closely watching their finances as the pandemic looms on. The idea of spending money on something like insurance isn’t top of mind. Even though you may see clients and prospects spending money on frivolous expenses like nice dinners and gifts, you need to keep in touch with them.

Ask them how they are handling these times and listen. You do not want to enter these conversations with the mentality of a sales call. You want to appear genuine and like you are speaking to a friend. Keep these relationship building conversations going and begin to pitch only when appropriate.

Let them ask the question about what they can do to create a better future or how you can help them. Focus on educating first and selling second. While this may feel wrong, it is the right way to handle this pandemic. You want to be remembered as the agent who cared and not the one who just wanted a commission check while everyone was suffering through COVID-19.

Provide Superior Customer Service

You should be following up with your current clients on a regular basis. You need to provide the best customer service possible, even if you may not see any additional compensation for your efforts. Explain their current policy to them and how they can utilize it if needed. The extra time you put in now can pay off greatly in the future when they recommend family and friends to you.

Remain Active On Social Media

Your social media should focus on educating family, friends, prospects, leads, and clients on how their policy works in their favor. Your consistent messaging can help you plant seeds in everyone’s minds about purchasing a new policy or upgrading their current one. The more often you show up in their feeds and offer assistance rather than pushing a sale in their face, the more likely they will message you directly to inquire about their insurance needs.

Keep Adding Leads To Your Lists

By educating your network and building trust with everyone you meet, you will indirectly be pitching and selling yourself as the insurance agent they want to work with now or in the future. You can gain new followers through online groups and having your message shared by your network.

If you need assistance growing your lists during these times, please contact us. Our experienced team can help you grow despite COVID-19.