How to Sell Life Insurance on the Phone

The telephone remains the best tool to establish meaningful remote communications with a prospective client when selling life insurance. You get the personal connection of having a client in your office but without the time or expense of travel. That means more opportunities to engage more life insurance leads and adding a significant percentage to your book of business.

Setting the Appointment

It is impossible to meaningfully work life insurance leads in just a couple of minutes online or over the phone. You need to get the prospective client to commit to at least 40 minutes of meaningful phone conversation. If the client is married, his or her spouse should join in on the conversation, which will help to learn the client’s known needs, look for potential needs due to life changes, and cover policy options.

Setting the appointment is all about making the process as convenient as possible for the prospect. After all, there are many life insurers, and you are just one producer. So you need to do what it takes to get the client on the phone for a meaningful period of time and thinking about life insurance and personal needs prior to the scheduled appointment. That helps to produce truly meaningful contact that is more likely to result in a deal being struck.

Structure the Conversation

When you have a potential life insurance client on the phone, you need to structure the conversation to work from the general to the specific regarding client needs for life insurance protection. As you learn more and go further into the client’s personal situation and needs, you can suggest possible policy types and various riders that help to customize the life insurance protection to provide full protection for the prospective client’s interest.

The goal of the appointment is not to close a deal that day but to establish the client’s fact-based needs and the varieties of policies that might provide meaningful protection. You want to get the client thinking about solutions available and how you can help to make them happen. One or two follow-up appointments could be all that it takes to lock in a great client with quality life insurance protection.