How to Sell Life Insurance the Smart Way

Even though life insurance isn’t a daily occurrence, the current state of affairs has inspired people to consider life insurance options like never before. After so much uncertainty, clients are now more likely to choose life insurance options to prepare for their future. 

With consumers ready to move forward with buying life insurance, it’s more important than ever that a life insurance agent leads his/her clients toward customized options for life insurance. It’s essential that the message is relatable and targeted to their specific needs for life insurance. 

Tell a Story with Authenticity

Storytelling is powerful, and that’s why it’s so effective to share life insurance options in a relatable and entertaining way. Help your prospective client to clearly understand the options and what those life insurance solutions will really mean to their lives and everyday experiences. Avoid the gibberish and industry jargon. Tell your story with authenticity and honest intent. 

Make a Connection or Analogy 

Help your prospective client understand how life insurance options will address their needs in a convenient and accessible way. Instead of being one-dimensional, the insurance agent may need to be flexible and be prepared to lead prospects toward a better understanding of what solutions will best meet their needs, often with the use of an analogy. 

Create a Custom Solution! 

By speaking with the consumer and listening to their needs, you’re able to offer a customized policy that specifically addresses their needs for long-term care, disability protection, critical illness, funeral services, cash accumulation, etc. Your goal is to address their specific needs and requirements with flexible options that are convenient and reliable. 

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