Nurture Your Insurance Leads With Email

In this digital age, email marketing is still a great way to build connections with your insurance leads and provide information about your insurance offering quickly. Emails allow leads to get back to you at their own pace and read over any detailed information you wish to provide them with after a call. Whether you are new to email marketing for insurance leads or just getting started, consider these tips for helping nurture your leads from their initial inquiry to signing the final paperwork.  

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Separate Insurance Leads Into Lists 

Whenever you engage in email marketing for your insurance leads, it is important you send the right material out. If you sell multiple insurance offerings, take the time to put interested leads into appropriate lists. If your leads have told you they only want life insurance and nothing else, respect their wishes. Otherwise, they may unsubscribe and avoid your calls because they are not receiving relevant information or a personalized sales pitch.  

Make Emails Personal 

Use your lead’s name in the opening and tie in aspects about their life whenever possible. You do not want your emails to come across as boring or something that is written for a general individual (even if it is going to a wide audience). You can use variable factors to help pull in their name and even tweak your template email before you hit send.  

Use Your Name, Not Your Agency 

Your insurance leads are more likely to open your emails when they see your name rather than your agency in the sender information. Even if they do not know your name, they are more likely to open it because it feels more personal. You can easily edit your sender information to include your name and help improve your insurance leads email marketing open rates.  

Send Emails Often (But Do Not Spam Your Leads) 

You do not want your insurance leads to forget who you are or what you offer. You should touch base with them often to help stay top of mind when something changes in their life and they are ready to buy insurance from you. However, you do not want to come across as a spammer. A golden rule of thumb is to touch base weekly for a short period of time and then reduce your amount of emails to just once a month.  

We Can Help You Get More Insurance Leads 

Insurance email marketing can help you build better relationships with leads, grow your potential client list, and keep you at the top of your past customers’ minds. However, your email marketing efforts will only be effective if you are nurturing qualified insurance leads. Instead of guessing who is worth adding to your list, contact us. We can provide you with high quality leads and other resources you need to reach your sales goal each month.