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The US legal system is expensive, but protecting your client’s families shouldn’t be.  Many people don’t have an estate plan because they can’t justify many hours of attorney fees.

Life Professionals has partnered with the #1 estate documents company for the insurance industry in the country to assist advisors with helping their clients solve this problem, because everyone should have access to affordable, attorney drafted solutions to protect their family and give them peace of mind. The law is complex, and this software makes it easy.

Drafted by Expert Estate Planning Attorneys in All States

This platform is the result of a combined team of technology experts working with Expert Estate Planning attorneys who helped to create this new technology to bring Comprehensive Estate Plans to everyone. Note, that you will not be practicing law. You will simply introduce your customers to our platform for their self-directed use. Thousands of hours went into creation of these documents and the software platform to make it so easy; anyone can do it.

Are you ready to become a Referral Magnet?

At Life Professionals, we will teach you how to attract more clients, maybe more than you could imagine. Due to advancements in technology, almost everything is online these days, including estate planning. Don’t be left behind. Whether you consider yourself an expert or a novice, we can help. Don’t be intimidated by the words Estate Planning! This system is easy to learn and use, and extensive training is available.

Set Yourself Apart!

Set yourself apart from the competition. When offering this service you will become the trusted advisor, not a product pusher. Your customers will look at you differently, they will open up to you more easily, they will more than willingly let you know everything about them, including all of their assets, which opens the door for more new business opportunities. This is truly a great service that is very much needed!

Increase your prospects, become a referral magnet, raise your business to a new level.

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