Indexed Universal Life (IUL)

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should know that indexed universal life (IUL) is one of the FASTEST growing segments in the insurance industry! In fact, back in 2012 annual sales surpassed a billion dollars and have continued that trend every year since without any signs of slowing. 

IUL is fixed insurance product and therefore is regulated by the insurance industry. IUL is not a security and agents do not need a securities license to offer/sell IUL. Some agents confuse IUL with variable universal life (VUL) insurance, which is a registered security. Remember, IUL is not VUL and therefore they are not the same thing.   

Since indexed universal life (IUL) was first introduced back in 1997, dozens of insurance companies have embraced IUL! These products have evolved and improved over the decades. The IUL products of today have even more enhancements and options. 

Numerous agents and agencies have transformed their life insurance businesses by educating themselves and their agents on IUL and everything it has to offer!  

Furthermore, consumers today are seeking out IUL products and solutions to provide death benefit protection, living benefits and tax-favored income to supplement their retirement. There is nothing else like IUL to offer all these benefits! 

Note that all IUL products are not created equal, and agents need to know what to look for when comparing IUL products. We believe it is critical that agencies and agents that want to offer IUL go through in-depth training before marketing or soliciting. This is why we have launched our own online proprietary IUL training platform!  

We suggest you take advantage of everything we have to offer and get involved in this extremely lucrative market. After all, it is better for your customers hear this unique story from you, instead of your competitors! Give us a call! 

Examples of carriers that Life Professionals represents for this market include:

Allianz Life
American National

Columbus Life
F&G Life
Lincoln Financial

Mutual of Omaha
National LIfe Group
North American

Protective Life
Securian Financial