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Premium Financing in a Nutshell

What is Premium Financing?:

Premium financing involves borrowing funds to pay for life insurance premiums. This financial strategy is typically used by higher net worth individuals or businesses who want to leverage other people’s money to pay for insurance without liquidating their own assets.

Who Benefits?:

  • Higher Net Worth Individuals and Families: Those who can afford the insurance but prefer to maintain their assets intact.
  • Life Insurance Agents and Financial Advisors: Benefit from larger cases, higher premiums, and consequently, more significant compensation.
  • Business Owners, Entrepreneurs, and Professionals: Can maximize wealth transfer, build substantial cash values, and enjoy tax-free or untaxed income for retirement or legacy purposes.

How Does it Work?:

  1. Partial Payment by the Insured: The insured pays a portion of the premium.
  2. Loan from a Lender: A third-party lender provides the remaining premium amount.
  3. Repayment: The loan is repaid over time, allowing the insured to retain more capital upfront.

Key Benefits:

  • Leverage: Use borrowed funds rather than personal capital to pay premiums.
  • Capital Retention: Keep more of your assets while still securing life insurance coverage.
  • Wealth Maximization: Enhance wealth transfer and build cash values within the policy.


  • Finding the Right Lender: It can be time-consuming to research and secure favorable terms.
  • Approval Process: Ensuring the proposed insured gets approved with favorable terms.

Life Professionals have partnered with a leading premium financing company to simplify the process. They offer direct access to necessary resources and support for success in this market.

Indexed Universal Life (IUL) is preferred for premium financing due to its potential for cash value accumulation and flexible benefits.

For more details, a list of participating carriers, or to get started with premium financing, reach out to Life Professionals.

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