IUL is one of the Fastest Growing Segments of the Life Insurance Industry…and popularity continues to grow!


The Core IUL Training Platform

Our core IUL Training consists of five (5) presentations as outlined below:

Part 1

The History of IUL & IUL
Sales Statistics; “The BIG
opportunity and latest
billion-dollar market!”

Part 2

Important Definitions & IUL Terminology; “Speaking the
IUL language!”

Part 3

3-Tax Acts, 3-Tax Codes & Underwriting Trends; “The
magic and driving forces
behind this powerful engine!”

Part 4

Hypotheticals, Illustration Software & Case Design; “Numbers don’t lie --- people can’t argue real math!”

Part 5

IUL Marketing & IUL Prospecting; “The Lifeblood of every insurance agent and financial professional.”

NOTE: Additional training videos are in the works and will eventually be added. These are shorter video vignettes that will range anywhere from 2 minutes to 20 minutes in length. Many of these other videos will further address software, running IUL illustrations, IUL case design, IUL presentation techniques, IUL sales concepts, IUL selling tools and other topics etc.

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Very nice job putting this training together! You guys nailed it.

Dave S. // OH //

Wow, this whole presentation was excellent. Thank you very much for taking time to do this training. I feel my area is a great place for IUL! We will need your assistance in marketing to these folks!

Robert P. // FL //

This was very thorough and I learned a lot more than expected. Your preparation was evident. The IUL training was time well spent. Thank you!

Jan E. // TX //

Hi Jason, I want to thank you guys again for the great training on IUL. I’m also very  interested in implementing many of the marketing strategies you spoke about. Excellent training and very beneficial for me.

Anthony P. // TX //

This information was very tailored to exactly what I was looking for!

William M. (CPA) // FL //

Jay, I’ve watched a number of webinars on IUL training etc., but yours is the most  complete. It was the ABC’s of IUL and beyond!

Gary R. // TN //

Thank you for teh good online IUL training! Super convenient, too.

Julia A. // IN //

Jason, I wanted to thatnk you for your time putting on this IUL training. Great stuff! I've been selling IUL for 15 years and you nailed it.

Roger R. // CO //

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