About The IUL Training

Our core IUL training series is comprised of five separate presentations. Currently, these are Microsoft PowerPoint slides with voice-over recordings. Our Head Trainer, Jason, guides you through the recordings similarly to leading a webinar. The goal is to have our trainer come across like your personal coach and feel like a live training course.

During the training, Jason will guide you through a series of topics designed in sequential order. This addresses everything from A to Z or “soup to nuts” when it comes to IUL!

Furthermore, it’s very important to distinguish this is carrier agnostic and product agnostic training.

In other words, we do not promote or mention any insurance carriers or
products by name during the training presentations.

We want agents and advisors to be able to focus on the content and educational aspects of the IUL training, instead of product commercials.

To get more details or learn more, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section.