Do You Have Questions On IUL?

Who conducts the training?

His name is Jason Brown and he created this training program. Jason has been a licensed insurance professional since 1997.  

He started his career by working for a Life Insurance & Annuity Wholesaler in 1996. Jason has also sold just about every type of insurance his L&H license allows, including indexed universal life (IUL) insurance.

In recent years, Jason has become more of a coach, mentor & trainer. He has consulted with numerous agency owners and top producers across the country, but still enjoys working with people newer to the business, too!

His primary areas of expertise are Life Insurance, Annuities & Retirement Planning. His true passion is educating and training other insurance & financial professionals that want to better understand the products they’re marketing and selling, particularly “Indexed” insurance products.

Do I need to contract through your IMO to access this training?

Yes, all participants must contract through Life Professionals, LLC -or- any of our MGA or IMO affiliates. 

What is the cost?

Currently there is no charge to participate in the IUL training. We simply ask that each participant contract with at least one of our carriers designated for IUL business.

Which insurance companies does Life Professionals represent for IUL business?

We represent several insurance companies offering IUL products.

Currently we have nine (9) different insurance carriers that we consider major players committed to the indexed universal life (IUL) marketplace.

Contact us to request a complete list of companies.   

How long does it take to complete the IUL training program?

The complete IUL training series currently contains over six (6) hours of  training spread out over five (5) different training sessions.

This training has been designed with convenience in mind. Anyone that participates in our IUL training can go at their own pace and doesn’t have to travel. All that’s needed to participate is a computer, an internet connection and some functional speakers!

Theoretically, this training could be completed in a single day or it could be spread out over several days or weeks to accommodate your schedule!

Note: We intend to update this training and create a shorter version in the future.

Does IUL Pros promote or “plug” any specific Life Insurance companies during the IUL Training?

No, we do not. By design and as mentioned before, our IUL training is company agnostic and product agnostic.

However, company specific and product specific training should be completed separately with each respective insurance company you choose to represent.

We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about the carriers we represent or make a recommendation if you’d like one!

Does the trainer ever discuss commission payouts during the training?

No, not specifically. If we ever mention commissions, it’s only in a general sense. We don’t discuss specific insurance companies or their commission payouts during this training.

Questions about compensation should be directed to Life Professionals -or- to the person that referred you this IUL training platform if you have a manager or upline agency.

Does this IUL training address IUL case design, running IUL illustrations or using illustration software?

Absolutely! These are very important activities for agents, agency managers and marketers to grasp. In fact, one of the longer training sessions is dedicated to running IUL software and designing IUL cases. We also reveal some key tips & tricks to maximizing cash value and creating tax-free income with some illustration examples.

We believe that every producer must understand what they’re doing when designing IUL cases! Choosing IUL products and creating IUL illustrations is extremely important and will have an impact (negatively or positively) on policy holders.

We can assist you with your case design and illustration needs!

Does the presenter/trainer ever address Marketing or offer any Prospecting Ideas for this market?

Yes! This is also a key area of interest by most producers. We have an entire module dedicated to this topic as well. We will deliver what we call, “15 Methods to Marketing IUL for Any Budget.”


We will cover numerous other aspects before we jump into marketing and prospecting ideas. In a sense, the IUL training builds momentum and then eventually lands on this topic. When we conclude the IUL training we want to finish on a high note! You should be excited about this session and walk away with fresh “Top of Mind” ideas for your own business.

Note: We’re also available to spend some time consulting with you and/or your staff to make sure you’re comfortable with each prospecting method you’re considering!

Do you promote or use any third-party vendors in your training?

No, not in these five “core” IUL Training videos.

We have additional resources and IUL Sales Tools, but we intentionally left that aspect out of our core IUL training series.

We can offer demonstrations and access to 3rd party vendors after you complete the training if that’s something you want to explore further!

We’ve created a list of what we refer to as the “best of the best” resources for the IUL market. It’s an extensive list that we take pride in compiling over the years. The process of researching and testing these items is ongoing.

For now, these additional Sales Tools would be considered an add-on or separate from our core IUL training series.

Note: If you’re a vendor and wish to promote your products or services, then please contact us and ask for Jason or Michael.