Do You Have Questions On IUL?

Who is IUL Pros?

IULPros.com is a website and syndicate of Life Professionals, LLC. Life Professionals (LP) is a National Distributor of Life Insurance and has several FMO, IMO and MGA customers across the United States. IUL Pros is not an FMO, IMO or MGA. Instead, IULPros.com is a training platform for insurance Marketing Organizations that advocate for the responsible use of Indexed Universal Life (IUL) in Life Insurance & Retirement Planning.

Who conducts the training?

His name is Jason Brown and he created this extensive training program. Jason is a licensed insurance professional and began his career in 1996 at the Age of 21. 

Jason started in the business working for a life insurance and annuity wholesaler. Jason has sold just about every type of insurance his license allows, including IUL.

In recent years, Jason has become much more of a coach, mentor & trainer. He has consulted with agency owners and high-end producers across the country.

His expertise is primarily in the areas of Life Insurance and Annuities. His true passion is educating and training other insurance agents and financial professionals that want to better understand the products they’re marketing and selling, particularly “Indexed” insurance products.

Do I need to be contracted through Life Professionals to access this training?

Yes, all particpants must contract with Life Professionals, LLC.

Please conteact us for more information.

Which insurance companies does Life Professionals represent for IUL business?

We have deals with several insurance companies offering IUL products, but probably fewer than you might think.

Generally speaking, we subscribe to the mindset that, “Less is more” and “Quality over Quantity.” That philosophy has served us well over the years.

However, we have plenty of solid carriers, just not everyone under the sun! Frankly, we’ve probably turned down more offers than we have providers.

Some of the main companies are Allianz Life, American National, National Life/LSW and North American Company…just to name some core carriers.

NOTE: To request a complete list of carriers, simply contact us or e-mail Jason.

What are the costs?

Three prices you want to know are: $500.00, $99.00 and $59.00.

1: There is a one-time initial setup fee of $500.00. That’s essentially the price of admission, but also includes a branded agent training website for the marketing organization! That includes your own sub-domain, your company name, your company logo and your contact information.

2: After the initial setup fee, there is an ongoing maintenance fee of $99.00 charged monthly to the participating marketing organization. The marketing organization can grant access to as few agents or as many agents that they’d like! It’s completely up to the marketing organization.

3: IUL Pros will bill/charge you, the marketing organization, in arrears and for the previous month at a rate of $59.00 per agent trainee.

Example #1 – For example, if a marketing organization puts zero/no agents through the IUL training during a month, then they would be billed/charged $00.00 the following month.

Example #2 – For example, if a marketing organization could put ten (10) agents through the IUL training during a month, then they would get billed/charged
$590.00 the following month ($59.00 x 10 = $590.00).

Example #3 – For example, if a marketing organization could put three dozen (36) agents through the training during a month, then they would be billed/charged
$2,124.00 the following month ($59.00 x 36 = $2,124.00).

IMPORTANT: There is minimum commitment of twelve (12) months. Worst case scenario, if a marketing organization signs up and then puts zero/no agents
through the training, then that group would’ve paid $1,688.00 over a full year. That’s the one-time setup fee of $500.00 and then $1,188.00, which is twelve
installments of $99.00 each for the monthly maintenance fee. This has nothing to do with production. Obviously, it makes no sense for a marketing organization to sign up if they’re not going to use the training. TIP: As a marketing organization, you may want to offer this training to some of your existing agents as a value-added service. On the other hand, you may want to use this as another recruiting hook or require agents contract through you to gain access to the IUL Training etc. That’s up to the marketing organization.

How long does it take to complete the IUL training program?

The complete IUL training series currently contains over six (6) hours of actual training. In a nutshell, each session is about 30 to 120 minutes long,
depending on the specific session. We refer to this as the “core” program.

As we mentioned before, this training has been designed with convenience mind. Anyone that participates in the IUL training can go at their own pace and never has to travel to access this training. All that is required to attend is a computer, a good internet connection and some speakers!

Theoretically, the complete training could be done in a single day or it could be spread out over days or weeks to accommodate anyone’s schedule.

Does IUL Pros promote or “plug” any specific Life Insurance companies during the IUL Training?

No, we do not. By design, our IUL training is “Company & Product agnostic.” We leave that aspect up to each Marketing Organization. To maximize
results, company-specific and product-specific training should (naturally) be completed separately by each agent. We can point you in the right direction or
provide guidance on the best way to coordinate this, if you desire our help.

Does the presenter/trainer ever discuss commissions or commission payouts during the training?

No, not specifically or by carrier. If/when we ever mention commissions it is only as averages or in a general sense. We never discuss specific insurance
companies or their commission payouts during this training. If a sponsoring FMO, IMO, or MGA wants to provide those details, that’s up to them.

Every individual agent or producer that has questions about compensation should speak with their marketing organization. IUL Pros and Life Professionals (LP) would never discuss commissions with your agents and, again, most won’t even know who we are, because we remain invisible to the agents!

Does this IUL training address IUL case design, running IUL illustrations or using IUL illustration software?

Absolutely!! This is a very important for agents and marketing organizations to grasp. In fact, one of the training sessions is dedicated to running IUL software and designing IUL cases. We also reveal some key Tips & Tricks to maximizing cash value and creating tax-free income, plus we use some specific

We believe that every producer needs to understand this or at least have someone on their team that truly knows what they’re doing to effectively design cases for customers! This is serious business and we treat it as such.

Does the presenter/trainer ever address Marketing or offer any Prospecting Ideas for this market?

Yes! This is also a crucial area of concern that there’s an entire training session dedicated to this topic as well. We will deliver what we call “15 Methods
to Marketing IUL for Any Budget.” This topic (by design) is covered towards the back-end of the training.

The idea is to cover all the other important aspects before we address marketing and prospecting ideas. In a sense, the IUL training builds momentum and then eventually lands on marketing & prospecting. When we conclude the training, we want to finish on a high note! Agents should be excited about the marketing and prospecting ideas, which will be “Top of Mind.”

NOTE: IUL Pros can spend time with you and/or your staff to make sure you’re comfortable with each prospecting method that is covered. Obviously, you’re free to endorse other ideas, too!

Do you promote or use any third-party vendors in your training?

No, at least not in our five “core” IUL Training videos.

However, we do offer an additional training video focused on IUL Presentations and IUL Sales Tools, but we left that out of the core training series.

We could offer demonstrations or endorse vendors, services and/or IUL sales tools towards the back-end of the training or after your agents complete the core training. We are open-minded, but for now that is not part of the main training.

Our IUL specialist has created a list of what he refers to as “the best of the best” list of resources specifically for the IUL market. It’s an extensive list that he takes a lot of pride in compiling over the years. The process of researching and testing these items is extensive and is an ongoing process.

For now, those things would be considered an “add-on” or separate from our core IUL basic training.

Some marketing organizations have strong feelings one way or another when it comes to outside vendors, presentation materials, compliance, third-party software and we are cognizant and respectful of that, too.

NOTE: If you’re a vendor or wish to promote your products or services, please contact us.