Worksite Marketing

Employee benefits and worksite marketing go hand in hand! Workplace or worksite marketing is simply the term used to describe the distribution of financial or insurance services to employees. 

Employers approve and grant access to these services through providers (a.k.a. insurance companies) that offer the products and services.  

This is sometimes considered supplemental insurance or employee-funded benefits, because employees choose whether to participate or supplement their primary benefits.  

There’s a wide range of voluntary insurance plans in the marketplace, such as; accident insurance, dental insurance, disability insurance, critical illness and life insurance etc. 

Numerous studies and surveys conclude that a high percent of employees prefer to purchase their life insurance and other supplemental programs through the workplace!  

In fact, many employees prefer the convenience of payroll deduction and trust that their employer(s) has done the research for them when choosing the provider or insurance carrier. Depending on the size of the group and/or the need, List Bill services or Guaranteed Issue plans may also be available. 

Licensed professionals that are equipped with the knowledge and resources to operate in this large market can stand out as the “go to” employee benefits person in their community! It’s an excellent way for agents to work directly with local businesses to make these programs available to their employees. This increases the value of the employer’s offering even though these plans are usually paid by the employees. Everyone wins!  

Would you like to tap into this enormous market and serve your community by offering employee benefits? If so, then worksite marketing is something you should consider. 

Contact Life Professionals to take advantage of this opportunity! 

Examples of carriers that Life Professionals represents for this market include American National, Cincinnati Life and Transamerica Employee Benefits.